Homemade Pies at Apple Annie's

Apple Pie - $13.99
Made with freshly-peeled apples with just the right amount of sugar and spice! This is the old-fashioned 2-crust pie, topped with cinnamon and sugar, just like Grandma makes!  

Sugar-Free Apple Pie - $13.99
A tasty treat for those who are restricting sugar. We’ve substituted apple juice concentrate to produce a tasty pie without the added sugar.  

Apple Crumb Pie - $13.99
Made with our apple pie filling but topped with a luscious mixture of flour, sugar and butter. It is absolutely delightful topped with vanilla ice cream!  

Apple-Cherry Pie - $13.99
A delicious combination of tart cherries and apples in a double crust.  

Apple-Raspberry Pie - $13.99
A perfect fruit blend for a deliciously different pie.  

Apple-Rhubarb Pie - $13.99
A tart blend of fruit, a favorite for many! 

Pecan Pie - $14.99
Made from a family recipe, full of pecans and a delicious gooey buttery filling. Available weekends only.  

Gluten-Free Apple or Peach Pie - $15.99
Only available frozen to bake at home or baked fresh if ordered 24 hours in advance. 

Slices of pie are available for $3.99 plain or $4.99 ala mode.