We are pleased to announce our new Apple Annie’s Clubs that will keep our relationship fun, and growing for years to come.

Club benefits will include:

  • No Membership Fees. The club is still free to join and you can quit any time after receiving your first two releases.
  • 10% discount on all orders.
  • Special gift when members refer a friend.
  • You will receive (via email) our monthly newsletter.
  • Convenience: Club releases will automatically be billed to your credit card with each new release. This allows us to have your product packaged and shipped or available for an easy pick-up option.


All Clubs are shipped FOUR times per year.


Signature Club – Get our signature products (apple bread, apple butter, salsa, preserves, salad dressing, fudge and syrup) shipped right to you! $53-60 per shipment plus shipping and handling.


Salsa Club – Never run out of salsa! We will keep you stocked on this hot treat! $35-42 per shipment plus shipping and handling.


Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars Club – These are great for salads, cooking and dipping! We will send two oils and two vinegars per shipment. $56 per shipment plus shipping and handling.


Pickled Club – We have some of the best pickled items around, from asparagus to zucchini you will have something for everyone.  $35-42 per shipment plus shipping and handling.



Click HERE to join now!