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We have been coming down for years to pick apples and pears. We really look forward to it every year and are the first ones in line for the pancake breakfast Saturday morning!

-Fred and Carol B., Peoria, AZ   2009

My family and I love Apple Annie’s! It is a wonderful family outing and I love seeing where our food comes from.

-Suzanne H., Glendale, AZ   2009

We have been coming in from Tucson since we had children and we look forward to it each year. Your pies are the best!

Stephanie K. & Family, Tucson, AZ   2009

We loved it so much, we have made it an annual family trip. This year, we came home and made homemade cider applesauce–yuuuum!

Jennifer K. 2009

Nattie [our daughter] loved to come out to Apple Annies and pick fruits and veggies. She also loved the fresh ice cream and applewood smoked burgers. The best thing that we have been able to teach her was the fact that if you picked it, it tasted better when you cooked it and or ate it fresh from the harvest. We were able to teach her that God gives those of us  a bountiful harvest to share and to feed the neighbors. She loved to go out there and would actually demand that for her adventure rides we go to “The Apple Place!!!”

Gina H., Benson, AZ 2009

Thank you for having such a wonderful place for families to go and experience your delicious fruits and vegetables and to help teach our children how important farming is and where our foods come from.  We enjoy visiting your farms every year and can’t wait for you to open again this season.

-Andrea H., Tucson, AZ

We have been making this trip to Willcox since the girls were 2 years old. It is such a treasured family tradition that even after we moved to Gilbert 3 years ago we still make a day of it every October.

-Bill & Karen, Gilbert, AZ

“To The Holcomb Family and Staff:
On behalf of my brother, Kenny, and myself, I would like to THANK YOU for all the effort and hard work your family and staff puts in each year to make our trips to Willcox so enjoyable and fun! As usual, both the Produce Farm and Orchard produced some of the BEST vegetables and fruit, the bake shop and gift shop was the best ever, thus making the trip from Tucson to Willcox well worth it! Thank you for opening your hearts to thousands of visitors and putting a smile on every face! Thank you again!”

Tucson, AZ


“My four kids and I visited Apple Annie’s as part of a school field trip. We had a great time. For the rest of that day all my 2 yr old son could talk about was Farmer John. He was so excited to have ridden in Farmer Johns “truck”. So I wanted to send a warm Thank You to Farmer John for being so friendly.


“Dear Apple Annie’s,
Thank you for the pumpkins and apples a lot! And picking them was fun! Apples was great and it was very fun there!”

-from a 6-year old on a field trip