Farm Fresh Vegetables

at our Produce & Pumpkins Location
  • Pick-your-own farm fresh vegetables from our pumpkins and produce farm!
  • Pick-your-own farm fresh vegetables from our pumpkins and produce farm!
  • Pick-your-own farm fresh vegetables from our pumpkins and produce farm!
  • Pick-your-own farm fresh vegetables from our pumpkins and produce farm!
  • Pick-your-own farm fresh vegetables from our pumpkins and produce farm!

Pick-Your-Own Produce

Head out to the fields to hand-pick nutritious, farm favorites from over 125 acres of vegetables! Our pick-your-own fields are a great place to teach kids where their vegetables come from!

Don't forget to bring your camera! Our you-pick fields are always a great photo opportunity!

Already Picked Vegetables

Don't forget! We also have a great selection of already picked vegetables including bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, chilies, melons, and, of course, delicious sweet corn when in season!

Harvest Dates

Before you head out to the fields be sure to check our ripening calendar to see what vegetables are ripe for the picking! Some varieties may come in earlier or later in the season depending on the weather.

Check our Harvest Calendar.

If you have a certain variety in mind be sure to call our produce hot-line to see what we're picking today!
Call 520-384-2084, Option 1 to check availability.

Our Produce

Not all produce is available as pick-your-own, but may be found in our produce barn!

Please Note:
Sweet corn and Melons are only available as already picked; Black-eye peas and Okra are only available as you-pick.

Bell Peppers

The yellow, Flamingo, peppers are the sweetest. They have a waxy skin and will turn from ivory-yellow to orange-red. Green bell peppers eventually turn color to orange/red, and the flavor will mellow. Select for firm peppers with smooth, shiny skin.

Black-eye Peas

For snapped peas (like green beans), choose pods that are tender and thin. For shelling, select pods that are plump, with tender, green pods. For dried peas, select plump pods that have dried to a light brown.


Select tightly formed, deep-green heads. Avoid heads that have yellowed. Cut heads off plants with a knife, leaving 4-5 inches of stem on the heads. Fresh picked broccoli is amazingly sweet, and the stalks are tender.

Chili Peppers

Pick the larger, mature chilies as they will be easier to peel. For ease in peeling, roast chilies over a gas flame or on a BBQ grill until the skins have blistered. Put them in a Ziploc bag and cool: peel and use immediately or freeze for later use. red chili peppers are mature green chilies.


We grow both pickling and slicing cucumbers. For pickling, select cucumbers 2″-6″ long, depending on the type of pickle you are making. Slicing cucumbers can be up to 8″ long. Avoid cucumbers that are yellowed or too large.


Select eggplants that are a glossy, deep color, heavy for their size and have unwrinkled skin.

Green Beans

Select beans that are bright green and tender. Snap a trial bean to make sure it is tender. Avoid tough, leathery and withered beans. Green beans are delicious raw!

Jalapeño Peppers

Select peppers about 2″ long. To avoid being burned while working with jalapeño peppers, wear rubber gloves.


Our melons are available already picked only. Cantaloupe will ripen in 1-2 days off the vine; honeydews need to sit at least 1 week at room temperature to develop full sugar. They will have a sweet smell and a slightly sticky feel to the skin when fully ripe and ready to eat.


Wear gloves and a long-sleeved shirt to pick okra! Select pods that are tender, 2″-5″ long. Avoid long, fat pods unless you are using them for decorations; they will be tough and woody. Tender pods, 2″-4″, are delicious raw!


Select plump, full, bright green pods. Break open a pod and taste the peas; if they are over-ripe they will be dry and bitter. Sugar snap peas have edible pods. Select pods that are about 2″ long. They will be fairly flat, with peas about the size of BBs. Avoid pods that are hard, dull or shriveled.


Pumpkins are an important part of fall here at Apple Annie’s!   Forty-acres of pumpkins are planted each summer, and by late September the fields are a spectacular sight!  There are pumpkins ranging from the Jack-Be-Littles, which fit in the palm of your hand, to pumpkins that will tip the scale at over 100 pounds!  Of course, there are plenty of assorted sizes in between, as well as pumpkins with stripes, warts and various colors.  Every pumpkin picker is certain for find the perfect pumpkin!

Summer Squash

We grow several varieties of summer squash in different shapes, colors and sizes. In general, select squash with a gloss to the skin and bright coloration. Zucchini and crookneck squash should be no longer than 8″; over sized zucchini can be used for stuffing. The round, scalloped varieties should be no more than 4-5″ in diameter. Squash can be served in many ways, from salads to sides and main dishes, and even dessert, a truly versatile vegetable!

Sweet Corn

Apple Annie’s grows the most scrumptious sweet corn any where!  We  grow supersweet bi-color varieties, specially selected for their exceptional sweetness and flavor.   Sweet corn is planted every 3-5 days from early April until mid-July, to ensure that we have plenty of this mouth-watering treat available from early July through September.  To make sure that our corn is picked at its peak, our experienced corn pickers select the ripest ears and bring them in to the produce stand; the fields are not open for you-pick. We do not grow GMO sweet corn.


Vine-ripened, field grown tomatoes are delicious. Select firm tomatoes with at least a tint of orange. They will finish ripening and color up in a few days at room temperature. Tomatoes that are dark orange-red in the field are delicious, but will need to be transported gently and enjoyed soon. For best flavor, store tomatoes at room temperature.

Winter Squash

Winter squash are harvested after the vines have died back. Cut them off the vines, leaving a 2″ stem. These hard-shelled squash can be stored for several months in a cool, dry room. Winter squash is delicious cut in half and baked with butter and brown sugar, or baked and mashed with butter and brown sugar. Substitute cooked, mashed winter squash in pumpkin pie recipes!